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Answering Every Question You Have About Clearly Kosciusko

Friday, March 13, 2020

Do you have questions about Clearly Kosciusko? We’re here to answer them and help get you connected to other community members in our county. 

Clearly Kosciusko has been a part of the community since 2018, and we often are asked similar questions from local community members. We decided to share some of our most frequently asked questions (and their answers) in this blog post.

Why was Clearly Kosciusko created?

In 2018, Clearly Kosciusko was launched as a campaign dedicated to building awareness of our beautiful lakes and streams, both of which are valuable economic and recreational assets. Part of this initial vision was also to inform visitors about what they can experience in our county.

Now, in partnership with local businesses and organizations throughout Kosciusko County, it also inspires a sense of place and home-town pride!

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What inspired the name “Clearly Kosciusko”?

Our name communicates two different things: our community is “clearly” the best place to live and visit, and we are transparent about the heart of our county and what it means to live here. Clearly Kosciusko was chosen as the name of our county-wide voice because it tells a story of unity. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a home that has been owned by your family for generations or someone visiting for a weekend, you’re a part of our community.

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What need in our community does Clearly Kosciusko help meet?

Unity. Every community needs a way to unite under a common goal and idea. Clearly Kosciusko helps our community do that. In Kosciusko County, we enjoy a diverse community that includes both agricultural and industrial growth thanks to our local producers, business leaders, and orthopaedic innovators. Not only that, but our beautiful lakes give us the ability to expand our community seasonally as we attract more tourists each year.

With such a diverse community, members can sometimes feel isolated from each other. Clearly Kosciusko is dedicated to providing ways for everyone in our community to feel valued and share what makes Kosciusko County the best place to learn, play, and grow.

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Why should I join Clearly Kosciusko?

If you own or work for a local business or organization within our Kosciusko County community, you should consider joining Clearly Kosciusko. We give our members a variety of ways to connect with one another and cross-promote content for better engagement and visibility.

Everyone who joins Clearly Kosciusko has the opportunity to be featured on our blog and social media channels. Each month the website features a few resources created by our members that we share in a variety of ways. In order for content to be featured, the topic needs to be directly related to Kosciusko County.

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When you become a member, you’ll also receive a Clearly Kosciusko t-shirt, pens, informational material, and a window cling. Members also receive the brand use guide and logo image files to use to help promote awareness of the brand.

Ready To Become A Member?

Membership is free to all organizations and businesses within Kosciusko County. Click here to get the application process started!