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Clearly Kosciusko Member Spotlight – Heather Barron

Friday, November 11, 2022

We appreciate and support all of our members. The Clearly Kosciusko Member Spotlight is a way for our members to highlight their organization or business and for us to show how much we appreciate their participation. 

The Clearly Kosciusko member we’re shining the spotlight on this month is Heather Barron, a local wellness coach focusing on yoga, movement, and mindfulness.

About Heather Barron

Heather is a wellness coach who focuses on helping her clients gain personal insight and live a more connected, confident, and vibrant life. She approaches wellness as a journey that looks different for everyone. What her clients need may change over time and she comes alongside them to create a path that feels right for them.

She is a co-active coach, yoga teacher, meditation instructor, and Kripalu mindful outdoor guide. Using these tools she helps her clients empower, heal, and reconnect with their bodies. She works with individuals, groups, and organizations in Kosciusko County and beyond.

Connecting With Our Local Community

Heather helps people connect with the best version of themselves by sharing accessible ways to get out of their heads and into their bodies through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness coaching. 

She loves working with beginners who aren’t sure if yoga is for them because yoga is designed to meet everyone exactly where they are. One of her favorite sayings is, “if you can breathe you can practice yoga”.

Teaching Yoga In Our Community

“It’s been a pretty incredible year of meeting people and discovering new opportunities in Kosciusko county. I look forward to continuing to partner and be involved in the area.”

Heather Barron

This year Heather was able to teach at Giverny Fitness Studio (also a Clearly Kosciusko member!) in Warsaw, as well as hosting an Introduction to Ayurveda session partnering with Belove, Warsaw Health Foods, and Nine Pines Apothecary as part of a self-care workshop.

During that time, Heather discovered a love for teaching yoga to children, which led to partnerships at several local libraries, including Warsaw Community Public Library and Bell Memorial Public Library. The libraries have hosted free kids’ yoga sessions as well as classes for adults and teens.

Heather also partnered with Winona Lake Limitless Park this summer and fall to provide yoga in the park once a month for anyone who wanted to join.

Why Clearly Kosciusko?

“Relaxation and stress relief are the focus of my yoga and mindfulness offerings. Once I learned about Clearly Kosciusko it seemed like a great fit for what I wanted to share and how I could be a part of the great things happening in the community. Clearly Kosciusko showcases some of the best of what our area has to offer in ways of relaxing, enjoying, and building community.”

Heather Barron

What’s Next For Heather?

Heather has several exciting things to announce happening in upcoming months, including co-hosting a yoga retreat for all student levels on November 13th with fellow local yoga teacher, Erin Serafino. You can visit her website for more details.

All yoga sessions include breathwork and mindfulness practices to relax the body and the mind.

Warsaw Community Public Library Free Yoga Options

1/7/23 – Kids Yoga (10:30am)

1/10/23 – Beginner Adult Yoga (5:30pm)

1/20/23 – Beginner Adult Yoga (5:30pm)

1/24/23 – Beginner Adult Yoga (5:30pm)

“I would love to expand partnerships in the Kosciusko community to bring more stress relief and relaxation to individuals and organizations. There is a rippling effect from the practices that radiate outward in positive ways. Beginners are my favorite groups to work with and introduce them to simple techniques they can add into their daily lives to find a little more space, peace, and calm.”

Heather Barron

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