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Clearly Kosciusko Member Spotlight – KCounty Events

Friday, June 16, 2023

We appreciate and support all of our members. The Clearly Kosciusko Member Spotlight is a way for our members to highlight their organization or business and for us to show how much we appreciate their participation. 

The Clearly Kosciusko member we’re shining the spotlight on this month is KCounty Events, a community events calendar created by Kelly Mager of Mini Mischief Managed and Joel Widman of Anderson The Fish.

About KCounty Events

KCounty Events allows anyone to quickly see all the wonderful activities being hosted by organizations in Kosciusko County on their website. The goal is to help residents and visitors to our county spend their time making memories and enjoying activities rather than searching for events. 

Those who visit the website can learn about new businesses and the events they hold. This provides free marketing and publicity for groups that may not otherwise have the budget to do so.

“By spending more time enjoying what Kosciusko has to offer, people will feel more connected in our community and keep more of our money here too as they support local businesses.”

Kelly Mager, Co-Owner & Founder of KCounty Events

Connecting With Our Local Community

KCounty Events is a member of the Kosciusko County Chamber of Commerce members and Co-Owner, Kelly Mager, is a Chamber Ambassador. 

They also regularly collaborate with and support the Kosciusko County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau (KCCVB)

KCounty Events works to support all organizations in Kosciusko County that offer programs for those who live, work, play, and visit our county by providing a free community calendar sharing all local events in an accessible way.

Why Clearly Kosciusko?

“Clearly Kosciusko is working to join together all corners of the county. As a community calendar that aggregates all the public events in the county in one place so people can make more memories in Kosciusko, our missions are the same!”

Kelly Mager, Co-Owner & Founder of KCounty Events

What’s Next For KCounty Events?

Be sure to check out their blog post on summer programming for kids! The post shares all the organizations that offer summer programs for kids in Kosciusko County with direct links to each organization. 

This resource is perfect for anyone still planning out their summer for friends, family, and visitors:

Anyone who would like to receive information via email on upcoming events can subscribe to their daily newsletter where they send emails including all the events for each day. 

KCounty Events offers the option to get that email at 4am the day of, or 6pm the night before.

Would you like to be featured in our Member Spotlight?

Consider joining Clearly Kosciusko! Membership is completely free and, as a member, you will receive multiple benefits, including feature posts like this one. 

You can add your voice to a countywide brand that helps residents and visitors learn, play, and grow.