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Clearly Kosciusko Member Spotlight – Mini Mischief Managed

Friday, May 13, 2022

We appreciate and support all of our members. The Clearly Kosciusko Member Spotlight is a way for our members to highlight their organization or business and for us to show how much we appreciate their participation. 

The Clearly Kosciusko member we’re shining the spotlight on this month is Mini Mischief Managed. Mini Mischief Managed is a community dedicated to bringing together caregivers of young children in Kosciusko County. 

Their goal is to help caregivers easily learn about age-appropriate activities and community resources, so they can spend more time making memories with their children, feel less overwhelmed, and approach each day with more confidence!

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About Mini Mischief Managed

In the past, local community information about kid-friendly and family-focused activities has been hard to find, making it seem as though very few options existed. 

Mini Mischief Managed’s focus is on making it easy for parents to learn about these events. Access to this information encourages families to stay in the area, explore what it has to offer, and support local businesses while doing it.

The organization’s goal is accomplished by unifying the cities in our county through one website resource that shares events where parents and caregivers can learn, play, and grow together. 

Connecting With Our Local Community

Live Well Kosciusko has recently partnered with Mini Mischief Managed. This partnership has allowed the website to grow and be introduced to more residents, as well as provide additional features to the website. 

A favorite article that Live Well Kosciusko is helping share is the Summer Camps & Program Options – Full List, which includes over 30 organizations in Kosciusko County that provide summer options for kids and families. 

Mini Mischief Managed is actively seeking additional partnerships and financial sponsorships to further serve our community. If you want to connect with Mini Mischief Managed, email

Why Clearly Kosciusko?

“A desire to pull all corners of the county together is something that Clearly Kosciusko shares, and it was a natural pairing to join together in that mission.”

Kelly Mager, Founder of Mini Mischief Managed

What’s Next For Mini Mischief Managed?

Their event calendar features all the free events in the area and is full of upcoming activities with more being added daily. This is a great place to start if you’re curious about what Mini Mischief Managed is able to provide you as a family, and to Kosciusko County as a community.

This month, Mini Mischief Managed also launched a new parent group called Parental Playtime. The group’s focus is on building connections with other parents who live or work in our community through in-person meetups. 

Unlike some traditional “mom” groups, dads and other caregivers are also welcome, and the group is unaffiliated with any religious organization.

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