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Clearly Kosciusko Member Spotlight – Winona IT

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

We appreciate and support all of our members. The Clearly Kosciusko Member Spotlight is a way for our members to highlight their organization or business and for us to show how much we appreciate their participation. 

The Clearly Kosciusko member we’re shining the spotlight on this month is Winona IT, a local business located in Warsaw whose goal is to advance growth-minded businesses and not-for-profit organizations by combining Information Technology with business strategy.

About Winona IT

The business has four primary pillars: Day to Day IT Support, Software Development, Equipment Sales, and IT Consulting. Through the avenue of technology, they help remove obstacles and provide efficiencies so their clients can spend more time focusing on their purpose.

Connecting With Our Local Community

Winona IT is proud to provide services to over 100 local businesses in Kosciusko County.

“We have been known to partner with other local businesses such as DreamOn Studios, 1Eighty Digital, and Wildwood Creative Studios as well as The Kosciusko Chamber and KEDCO.”

Winona IT Team

Why Clearly Kosciusko?

“Our mission is to honor God, enrich lives and empower people to achieve more. Through the IT services we provide, our desire is to strategically partner with local companies and nonprofits and enable them to further their company’s mission. We joined Clearly Kosciusko to help us achieve this.”

Winona IT Team

What’s Next For Winona IT?

Winona IT is excited to announce that they have been partnering with a newly formed organization called Co-Passion. They were able to design a software tool empowering companies to give back to the charities of their choice, much like the United Way program did years ago. 

More details are coming soon in the first quarter of 2023!

Would you like to be featured in our Member Spotlight?

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