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Get To Know Our Clearly Kosciusko Members

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

We appreciate and support all of our members. The Clearly Kosciusko Member Spotlight is a way for our members to highlight their organization or business’s role in the county and for us to show how much we appreciate their participation in Clearly Kosciusko.

Instead of shining the spotlight on just one member this month, we decided to celebrate adding our 20th member by highlighting all of our members!  As each new member joins, the richness and vibrancy of our community’s story grows.

Any Kosciusko County business or organization is welcome to join Clearly Kosciusko and experience the benefits of membership. Plus, it’s free!

Using the Clearly Kosciusko logo and other materials increases your exposure and helps you share how your business fits into the story of our county.

If you’d like to have your business or organization featured, consider joining Clearly Kosciusko.

1Eighty Digital

120 E. Center St.
Suite 201
Warsaw, IN 46580
(574) 376-2022 
1Eighty Digital is a complete web design and digital marketing company located in downtown Warsaw. The company’s mission is to provide innovative and effective digital marketing and web design solutions that help businesses grow within Kosciusko County and beyond.


801 E. Canal St.
Winona Lake, IN 46590
(574) 376-4785
Located in The Village At Winona, Artista Art Gallery is a European Art Gallery working to showcase Ventian art, as well as local artists here in the United States.

Blue Note Design

805 E. Canal St.
Suite B
Winona Lake, IN 46590
(574) 306-7303
Blue Note is a design agency located in Winona Lake that approaches branding, identity, and design differently. They are dedicated to getting to know their clients’ businesses on a deep level so they can uniquely showcase what makes each business special.

Brian Peterson Real Estate Group

2008 E. Center St.
Warsaw, IN 46580
(574) 268-1899
The goal of every Realtor at Brian Peterson Real Estate is to help anyone who needs support to reach their real estate goals. Their team of experienced Realtors pride themselves on going the extra mile for their clients.

City of Warsaw

102 S. Buffalo St.
Warsaw, IN 46580
(574) 385-2222
As the seat of Kosciusko County, the City of Warsaw is instrumental in telling the story of our community. Full of city parks, lakes, and other beautiful landmarks, Warsaw is a beautiful part of Kosciusko county where you can learn, play, and grow.

Clear Vision Media

801 E. Canal St.
Winona Lake, IN 46590
(574) 551-9998
Clear Vision Media is a media and content creation company. They work to maximize engagement with their client’s brands through unique and effective digital media and software solutions.

Instrumental Machine & Development (IMD)

2098 Pound Dr. W.
Warsaw, IN 46582
(574) 267-7713
From design development to single and total manufacturing, IMD’s mission is to meet the demands of today’s “just-in-time” inventory philosophy. The company provides single machining operations services to full manufacturing capabilities.

Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce

523 S. Buffalo St.
Warsaw, IN 46580
(574) 267-6311
Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce is the voice of our members to stimulate healthy and diverse business growth in our community.

Kosciusko County Community Foundation

102 E. Market St.
Warsaw, IN 46580
(574) 267-1901
The Community Foundation has been a part of Kosciusko County since 1968 when it began as the “Greater Warsaw Community Foundation”. Board members bring a variety of valuable expertise to the organization, including administration, investment, marketing, education, nonprofit governance, business planning and more.

Kosciusko County Convention and Visitors Bureau

111 Capital Dr.
Warsaw, IN 46582
(800) 800-6090
The Kosciusko County Convention and Visitors Bureau is the official destination organization that promotes and assists in the development of the visitor brand experience to leisure, group, and corporate travel markets. The Bureau serves the community in destination marketing and community development as an active economic partner.

Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation

537 S Buffalo St.
Warsaw, IN 46580
(574) 265-2601
KEDCO convenes, builds, and shows Kosciusko County’s talent, ideas, and capital to give area organizations the confidence to grow.

Lake City Skiers Water Ski Show Team

2455 Hidden Lake Dr.
Warsaw, IN 46580
(260) 255-6157
As our state’s only competitive water ski show team, the Lake City Skiers provide free water ski shows for the public at Hidden Lake in Warsaw. The ski team was established in 1989 and has won four Division II Championships over the years.

Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams

200 Seminary Dr.
Winona Lake, IN 46590
(574) 372-5100
The Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams conducts research, provides resources, engages and educates residents, and collaborates with local organizations to make the freshwater lakes and streams of Kosciusko County clean, healthy, safe, and beautiful.

501 Argonne Rd.
Warsaw, IN 46580
(574) 372-3330
Located in Warsaw, has carved out a unique place in our local market by partnering with businesses in new ways. They’re not just IT problem-solvers; always takes the time to truly understand what drives businesses so they can develop information systems that support the financial, administrative, and technical goals of their clients.


102 S Buffalo St.
Warsaw, IN 46580
(574) 306-4121
OrthWorx is located in Warsaw and partners with orthopedic industry members, academic partners, and community leaders to achieve common goals. The organization is built on three core initiatives: talent development, talent attraction, and innovation in the orthopedic industry.

Port Winona Wine & Market

807 E. Canal St.
Winona Lake, IN 46590
(574) 316-0285
Port Winona opened their doors in May, 2019, and quickly became a favorite gathering spot for locals and visitors in Winona Lake. The shop and wine café has a beautiful view of the canal and Winona Lake, making it the perfect place to enjoy sampling the variety of wines they offer.

Syracuse-Wawasee Chamber of Commerce

801 N. Huntington St. #4
Syracuse, IN 46567
(574) 457-5637
The Syracuse-Wawasee Chamber is the champion of the Syracuse, IN area business community. The Chamber provides support for local businesses through promotion and advertisements on their website, through social media, and in print publications.

The Lab

120 E Center St.
Suite A
Warsaw, IN 46580
(574) 933-2609
The Lab is Warsaw’s hometown electronic repair shop owned and operated by Lyle Schrock. Their mission is to bring a smile to the face of every customer by helping repair electronic devices rather than replacing them. They successfully repair a wide array of devices, including phones, tablets, computers, gaming systems, and drones.

Titus Funeral Home

2000 Sheridan St.
Warsaw, IN 46580
(574) 267-3104
Titus Funeral Home is truly unlike any other funeral home. They believe that every individual is unique and therefore each person deserves a ceremony that honors their personality, values, and passions.

Warsaw Community Development Corporation

523 S. Buffalo Street
Warsaw, IN 46580
(574) 267-6311
This not-for-profit corporation’s mission is to encourage the economic growth and development of Warsaw’s Central Business District. The WCDC accomplishes this by investing locally in people, buildings, businesses, and land.

Hear From Our Members: Why Join Clearly Kosciusko?

We joined Clearly Kosciusko to be a part of the countywide initiative to showcase our corner of Kosciusko County. As one of the gateways into Kosciusko County, we offer a quick glimpse at what it represents.

Renea Salyer, Executive Director, Syracuse-Wawasee Chamber of Commerce

It is our hope that those living outside of the county will see Kosciusko County become a popular destination to visit, attract new talent, and connect with Clearly Kosciusko member businesses.

Todd Speicher, President of IMD

Joining Clearly Kosciusko has been an absolute honor. We are extremely blessed to live and work and play in Kosciusko County and we want to share the value of this treasured community with others.

Catey Etner, Sales Representative,

Clearly Kosciusko is a great platform for visitors and residents to see what is going on in our community and get connected with new people and experiences around them.

Tiffany Aites, Co-owner – Port Winona Wine & Market 

We  joined Clearly Kosciusko because we wanted to be a part of celebrating Kosciusko County! We enjoy collaborating with other local entities to create a unified vision for our community. Clearly Kosciusko provides us with a great avenue to do just that.

Rob Parker, President & CEO of the Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce and Executive Director of WCDC

Would you like to be featured in our Member Spotlight?

Consider joining Clearly Kosciusko! Membership is completely free and, as a member, you’ll receive multiple benefits, including having your business or organization featured on the Clearly Kosciusko blog.

You can add your voice to a countywide brand that encourages economic development and helps residents and visitors learn, play, and grow.