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How To Use Clearly Kosciusko Member Benefits

Friday, February 14, 2020

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Clearly Kosciusko began in 2018 with the goal to connect visitors and residents of our county to the best local resources. Our members are part of that vision and the key to ensuring anyone can find the information they need to thrive in Kosciusko County.

Any local business or organization is welcome to join Clearly Kosciusko and experience the benefits of membership! Using the Clearly Kosciusko logo and other materials increases your exposure and helps you share how your business fits into the story of our county.

Benefits Our Members Can Enjoy

We believe our community is stronger when we work together, and everyone wins as our local small businesses thrive. By becoming a member and supporting local initiatives like Clearly Kosciusko, you can be an active part of what makes living and working in Kosciusko County amazing.

The Clearly Kosciusko Logo

When you become a member we supply you with the image files you need to use the Clearly Kosciusko logo. You can add it to your website, use it in social media posts and email marketing, or anywhere else you promote your business. We’ll also give you a sticker version of the logo you can display!

Using the logo provides a visual cue for residents and visitors that we, as a county, are united in pursuing a healthy, prosperous community.

Use #clearlykc

When you share local content on social media, use our hashtag! Sharing content this way across social media channels like Facebook and Instagram promotes a sense of togetherness. This type of community support has the power to cut across social boundaries: businesses cross-promoting other businesses, strangers connecting over local events like the Lakes Festival, and more. 

When you use the hashtag while sharing a post, link, or image, it shows that you’re interested in the good of the Kosciusko County community as a whole.

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Featured Blog Posts

Each month Clearly Kosciusko features member blog posts on our website. The blog posts provide in long-form what social media provides in snippets, giving community members a deeper insight into your business or organization. 

A blog can tell a story and highlight what we all have in common; it can also celebrate the diversity in our community. We all need to grow and share what’s happening in our county so everyone can benefit and thrive as our community grows.

Print Materials

When you become a member you’ll also receive pens and informational cards that tell the story of Clearly Kosciusko. These materials are the perfect way for you to remind visitors, customers, and residents that Clearly Kosciusko is active in our community. These materials are perfect for giveaways at events and ideal for reception desk displays!

Take Advantage Of Your Member Benefits

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By using the materials provided to you when you become a Clearly Kosciusko member, you can easily promote your own goods or services and put your company’s brand in front of a larger audience.

Together, we can give Kosciusko County residents and visitors solutions they wouldn’t have found otherwise… and possibly ones they are willing to pay for, or travel to visit.

Ready to become a member?

Membership is free to all organizations and businesses within Kosciusko County. Click here to get the application process started!