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How You Can Support Local Kosciusko County Businesses

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Clearly Kosciusko is a county-wide voice for businesses and residents to rally around and contribute to. Our mission is to help connect local businesses to each other and to the community around us. By organizing our community to support one another, we believe everyone is able to flourish.

Supporting local business can look different for everyone. For visitors and residents, it can include eating at locally-owned restaurants and supporting local artisans.

Supporting our community also looks like participating in events like Fat & Skinny Tire Fest, The Village Art Fair, the Lakes Festival, The Mermaid Festival, and more.

But ensuring our local businesses are supported and thriving doesn’t end there. Collaboration is at the heart of what can help local businesses thrive! Members of Clearly Kosciusko regularly connect with each other and visibly show support of our county while also helping their businesses grow.

Local Business Collaboration

In order to keep connecting with one another and their customers, businesses were increasingly innovative last year. And their creativity will continue in 2021.

From launching new podcasts highlighting the stories of small business owners to giving away free lunches to Sidewalk Sale participants, collaboration has been at the heart of how we support each other!

Read more about local business collaborations that happened in 2020

If you haven’t tried collaborating with other local businesses, Clearly Kosciusko can be the perfect place to start.

Membership is free and you can use the list of members on our website to identify potential partners to team up with for special events, collaborations, and online promotional campaigns that benefit both businesses.

The Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce is a member of Clearly Kosciusko and is another way to connect with local businesses and grow your own. Their mission connects with ours as their focus is to help stimulate healthy and diverse business growth throughout our county. 

Members of the chamber can enjoy exclusive advertising and networking opportunities, as well as other benefits designed to help our community thrive.

Supporting our local community is about growing together. As more people and businesses collaborate within Kosciusko County, we see positive changes over time. 

By encouraging new business growth and connection in our county, our local area can become more diverse, which helps positive economic growth to continue.

No one business or organization can thrive in a vacuum. Healthy community growth depends on the help of local businesses, organizations, and individual leaders all working together and supporting one another.

Collaboration through local partnerships is essential to supporting and encouraging economic growth here in Kosciusko County.

If you want to collaborate with local businesses, but aren’t sure how to start, check out our blog post all about local business collaboration.

Ready To Become A Member?

Membership is free to all organizations and businesses within Kosciusko County.

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