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Lakesha Green – Wagon Wheel Center for The Arts – Kosciusko By Choice

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Kosciusko County – A Place of Peace

“I love Wagon Wheel. I love this community. When I first came here to interview to be the new Executive Director of the Wagon Wheel, I just fell in love with this gem of a community and organization,” Lakesha Green, Executive Director of the Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts started her interview.

Lakesha Green moved to Kosciusko County from Syracuse, New York. She continued talking about her experience moving here to this area and the peace it brought her, as she sat in the theatre in the round at Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts.

“I moved here from Syracuse, New York in a time where we were coming out of the pandemic, and everything was trying to get back to normal. Coming here definitely brought a sense of peace for me because the pandemic was really hard in New York. Coming here, I definitely felt the peace. I felt the community. It was very refreshing and reviving for me and my family. I’m excited that I made that choice and that transition to come here.”

Wagon Wheel Center for The Arts, Warsaw, IN

Keeping the Arts Alive and Thriving

Ultimately, her goal in her current position is to keep the Wagon Wheel Theatre legacy and story going and keep the arts alive in Kosciusko County. She is passionate about the arts and making sure that they are accessible to all walks of life as well as sustainable for years to come.

“The Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts creates a community to be able to share because that’s what theater does. Theater creates a collaborative spirit. It creates an outlet for people to escape away from day-to-day life. You have a release and you’ll be able to do that with your community right here at Wagon Wheel,” said Lakesha.

Lighthouse Autism Center

She also has an amazing five-year-old son named Hendrix that really completes her WHY in life. Lakesha spoke of how valuable the community has been in helping her raise Hendrix, who is enrolled at Lighthouse Autism Center in Warsaw.

“When I first moved here, Hendrix was diagnosed with autism. So, taking on that challenge and being in a new community was extremely hard. But having a village to help me, becoming a part of different services, different schools, and different mentors here has helped me navigate this journey with him of going through autism.”

Amazing Restaurant Options

When asked what the hidden gems of Kosciusko County are, she said, “This community is the hidden gem.”

Some of her favorite locations in the county include Oak & Alley Restaurant, Maria’s Family Restaurant, Boathouse Restaurant, and Light Rail Café, because their pizza is similar to the New York-style pizza she and her son love. The amazing food in the area has really provided a way for her to connect the community.

Lakesha Green, Executive Director of the Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts

Lakesha’s Vision for Kosciusko

Lakesha ended her interview with a strong vision for Kosciusko County and a message for young people of color looking to make their home here.

“The message that I would give is love. That you will be able to come and be embraced and be able to be loved in a community that is growing and diverse. I’m excited to be here. I’m excited to be a part of that story and to help grow that conversation and definitely push that community spirit along,” she concluded. “I am Clearly Kosciusko by Choice.”

Kosciusko By Choice

Kosciusko by Choice is an on-going video series highlighting the stories of individuals who have chosen to make their home in Kosciusko County. Stay tuned for the next video in the series!