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Learn About Forever Chemicals, Shop Local At The ReStore & Discover Kid-Friendly Activities

Friday, December 3, 2021

Welcome to this month’s member roundup post! We’re excited to share this resource with you and highlight the work Clearly Kosciusko members are doing throughout our community.

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Lilly Center For Lakes & Streams

What Are Forever Chemicals And How Do They Impact Our Lakes?

If you read human health topics in the news, you may have scrolled past a headline containing the words “water pollution” and “forever chemicals,” or the acronym “PFAS.” 

Even if you read these articles, the topic can potentially be confusing and concerning, especially here in lake-rich Kosciusko County. 

The Lilly Center has put together a helpful FAQ resource you can use to learn about these man-made chemicals and their impact on our local lakes and communities.

Learn more about PFAS

Habitat For Humanity of Kosciusko County

ReSale Outlet Store

Habitat For Humanity’s resale outlet store is a little-known gem in our county. The store features a variety of unique items available for affordable prices. The outlet sells secondhand furniture, building supplies, and appliances.

Stop in to shop or donate your gently used items Thursday-Saturday from 9am-5pm.

Shop local at the Habitat ReSale Outlet

Mini Mischief Managed

Kosciusko County’s Kid Calendar & Community

Mini Mischief Managed is for parents and caregivers of young children in our county. The goal is to help those with young children easily find age-appropriate activities and community resources. 

Stay in the know and discover engaging activities and local opportunities to connect with your kids!

Connect with Mini Mischief Managed

Thank you for taking the time to read this member roundup post. We hope that you learned something you didn’t know before and found valuable information here.

We also want to say thank you to all of our Clearly Kosciusko members who are featured in this roundup. If your organization or business would like to be featured in a future roundup, contact Clearly Kosciusko today to become a member for free!