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Resource Roundup: Camel Milk, Phone Speaker Fixes, Better Website Traffic, The Lakes Festival, and A New Clearly Kosciusko Member

Friday, February 7, 2020

Welcome to this month’s member roundup post! We’re excited to share this resource with you and highlight the work Clearly Kosciusko members are doing throughout our community. Want to learn more about becoming a Clearly Kosciusko member? Keep reading to find out how!

The Kosciusko County Convention and Visitors Bureau

Camel Milk Is Trending, And There’s A Farm Producing It In Northeast Indiana

Along with soaps and lotions, camels’ milk can be used to make fresh milk, flavored milk, laban, cheese, ice cream, yoghurt, milk powder, infant formula, and more. As River Jordan Camel Dairy continues to grow and develop in Milford, located close to Waubee Lake in Kosciusko County, the owners are considering what they can add to make guests’ visits even more memorable. Click here to plan your visit to River Jordan Camel Dairy

The Lab

We Can Fix That: Phone Speaker Problems

Muffled, distorted sounds caused by a broken phone speaker can make using your phone nearly impossible. Stop stressing about your phone’s damaged speakers and bring it into The Lab, based in downtown Warsaw, to get help from local electronics repair experts. Discover the most common causes for problems with your phone’s speaker

1Eighty Digital

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website In 3 Easy Steps

More people visiting your website is a good thing. Increased web traffic helps improve your search engine ranking, which in turn generates more traffic, which should lead to more leads and customers. 1Eighty Digital is located right here in Kosciusko County and is ready to provide solutions for all of your web design and marketing needs!  Learn how to boost your website traffic

Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams

Northern Indiana Lakes Festival

The Lakes Festival, now in its 12th year, uses education and collaboration to celebrate the lakes and inspire a vision for their future. The festival focuses on developing a community of individuals who want to invest in each other in a meaningful, memorable way.  This Memorial Day Weekend, make memories with your family close to home! Get the 2020 Lakes Festival schedule here

Kosciusko County Community Foundation (KCCF)

New Clearly Kosciusko Member

Kosciusko County Community Foundation is a public foundation established in 1968. Their mission is to bring caring people and charitable endeavors together for the good of our community. The foundation does this by serving as the vehicle for donors’ charitable dreams, awarding grants to charitable projects and organizations, and addressing community needs as a catalyst and convener. Discover what KCCF is doing in our community

Thank you for taking the time to read this member roundup post. We hope that you learned something you didn’t know before and found valuable information here.

We also want to say thank you to all of our Clearly Kosciusko members who are featured in this roundup. If your organization or business would like to be featured in a future roundup, contact Clearly Kosciusko today to discover how you can become a member.