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Resource Roundup: Prepare For Valentine’s Day, Connect With Our Community & Promote Your Business

Friday, January 29, 2021

Welcome to this month’s member roundup post! We’re excited to share this resource with you and highlight the work Clearly Kosciusko members are doing throughout our community.

Want to learn more about becoming a Clearly Kosciusko member? Keep reading to find out how!

Port Winona Wine+Market

Make Valentine’s Day Special

We’re all feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially our local businesses! However, it’s encouraging to see so many businesses throughout Kosciusko County get creative with the products and services they offer as a response to the limitations on gathering in person. 

For example, Port Winona Wine+Market is making it fun and easy to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home this year with their incredible Valentine’s Day themed carryout dessert and charcuterie boards! Check out their themed treats and other unique offerings.

Kosciusko Chamber Of Commerce

2020 Chamber Awards

The Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce annually honors businesses and individuals for their significant role in driving Kosciusko’s business community and economic growth.  Learn more about past recipients and how they set the standards for excellence and innovation within our community.

And if you’d like to support our community in a tangible way, consider buying Kosciusko Cash! This community gift certificate program designed to support our local businesses. Learn more here.

Clearly Kosciusko

Join Our Growing List Of Members

Need a way to connect your business or organization with our community? That’s why Clearly Kosciusko exists! Clearly Kosciusko is also a tool you can use to connect with other like minded local businesses. 

Any Kosciusko County business or organization is welcome to join Clearly Kosciusko and experience the benefits of membership. Plus, it’s free! Using the Clearly Kosciusko logo and other materials increases your exposure and helps you share how your business fits into the story of our county. Learn more about how to become a member.

Thank you for taking the time to read this member roundup post. We hope that you learned something you didn’t know before and found valuable information here.

We also want to say thank you to all of our Clearly Kosciusko members who are featured in this roundup. If your organization or business would like to be featured in a future roundup, contact Clearly Kosciusko today to discover how you can become a member for free!