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Resource Roundup: Stowaway Mussels, 2019’s Best Photos, and A New Talent Initiative

Friday, March 6, 2020

Welcome to this month’s member roundup post! We’re excited to share this resource with you and highlight the work Clearly Kosciusko members are doing throughout our community. 

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alt=a large pile of zebra mussels

Lilly Center For Lakes & Streams

Zebra Mussels: What They Are, What They Eat, And How They Spread

Zebra mussels, or more specifically Dreissena polymorpha, are a species of freshwater bivalve. They are native to the Black Sea and Caspian Sea in eastern Europe, so how did they get to the United States? Zebra mussels are the original stowaway: They caught a ride on a cargo ship! Learn more about these interesting little organisms.

The Kosciusko County Convention And Visitors Bureau

Best 19 Photos Of Kosciusko County In 2019

We love when our community and visitors share their photos of Kosciusko County with us. In 2019, the Visitor’s Bureau had so many awesome pictures they were able to share on their Instagram. Thank you to the residents and visitors that provided photos to visually tell the story of travel and tourism in Kosciusko County. See why Kosciusko County is the best place to play!

Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation

New Talent Initiative Launches In Kosciusko County

The launch of KEDCo’s talent initiative follows the development of capabilities focused on the agribusiness and medical device sectors, as well as community development and entrepreneurship. These initiatives support the organization’s new mission to convene, build and show the community’s economic growth resources. Discover how this initiative will help our county grow.

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