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Support Clearly Kosciusko By Becoming A Member

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

What does it mean to become a member of Clearly Kosciusko?

Becoming a member is free for any business or organization located within Kosciusko County! 

We depend on our members to share what they love about living and working in Kosciusko County so our community can continue to grow and thrive.

Our goal is for local businesses and organizations to join Clearly Kosciusko as we celebrate our county and to help support our healthy economy and growing tourism industry.

As a member, you’re also given a way to connect with other businesses and leaders within the Kosciusko community to make your business or organization more visible to a broader audience.

What Is Clearly Kosciusko?

In 2018, Clearly Kosciusko was launched as a campaign dedicated to informing visitors and building awareness of county lakes. In 2019, the vision expanded to include partnerships with local businesses and organizations throughout Kosciusko County.

Our core values are to help residents and visitors alike play, learn, and grow alongside us. The success of our mission depends on you. We need the support of local businesses throughout the county to help raise awareness.

What Do Clearly Kosciusko Members Do?

Our community members focus on promoting and celebrating their organizations and businesses as a vital part of Kosciusko County.

Members contribute to and transform Kosciusko County’s future by:

  • Providing goods and services to residents and visitors; and
  • Effectively drawing outside businesses, visitors and talent to join our community. 

Clearly Kosciusko and our members seek to tell our county’s unique story in a way that is compelling and inclusive. It doesn’t matter what size your business or organization is, you can be a part of telling the story of why we live and work in Kosciusko County.

Members show how their businesses and organizations are assets to our local area. By using the Clearly Kosciusko logo and sharing social media posts with the #clearlykc hashtag, you can be featured on our website and help raise awareness.

Benefits Of Membership

Clearly Kosciusko also gives members a way to connect with other local leaders and cross-promote content for better engagement and visibility.

Everyone who joins Clearly Kosciusko will have the opportunity to be featured on Clearly Kosciusko’s blog and social media channels. Each month the website will feature blog posts created by our partners that we will share in a variety of ways. In order for content to be featured, the topic needs to be directly related to promoting Kosciusko County.

When you become a member, you’ll also receive a Clearly Kosciusko t-shirt, pens, informational material, and a window cling. Members also receive the brand use guide and logo image files to use.

How To Become A Clearly Kosciusko Member

Becoming a member is a simple process. If you’re interested, just fill out the application below. Within a few days, your submission will be reviewed. Once you have been approved as a member, we will contact you with your free gifts, a licensing agreement, and any Clearly Kosciusko logo image files you need.

Want to learn more about Clearly Kosciusko? Click here to discover more.