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Working Together To Build Our Community

Monday, November 25, 2019

There are many ways to define a community. At its core, a community is a group of people connected by a common characteristic. People come together as a community because they share similar demographics, social identities or economic status.

More than that, a community is a way to bring people together as advocates to support one another. Communities can provide a sense of belonging, provide comfort in difficult times, and foster both personal and professional relationships.

Here in Kosciusko County, we enjoy a diverse community that includes both agricultural and industrial growth thanks to our local producers, business leaders, and orthopaedic innovators. Not only that, but our beautiful lakes give us the ability to expand our community seasonally as we attract tourists each year.

What Is Community?

With a community as widespread and diverse as ours, it can be difficult to feel a true sense of partnership with one another.

However, all of us living and working in Kosciusko County have the same shared goal: to see our community grow and thrive. This shared goal is what allows us to come together and work hand-in-hand to support local initiatives.

Community Is: Growth

Community is about growing together. As more people and businesses come to Kosciusko County, we see changes over time. By encouraging new business growth in our county, our local area becomes more diverse, which helps positive economic growth to continue.

One of Clearly Kosciusko’s partners, Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation (KEDCo), is dedicated to strengthening local businesses by sharing economic growth resources. KEDCo believes this is how we can continue to guide our community toward prosperity and help one another successfully navigate the challenges local businesses often face.

Community Is: For Everyone

The word community is easy to say and can be overused to the point where we aren’t even sure what it really means. To avoid this, we want to remember that it isn’t simply a geographical spot on a map that defines us. It’s a deep feeling of connection and depends on the healthy relationships we have with our neighbors.

Our community is for everyone, and its foundation depends on the people who learn, play, and grow here in Kosciusko County.

One of Clearly Kosciusko’s partners, the Kosciusko Chamber Of Commerce, prides itself on being the voice of our local business community. They are dedicated to helping healthy and diverse businesses grow within our county. Being a member of the Chamber gives businesses access to networking events, educational resources, and relationship-building opportunities.

We Can’t Do This Alone

Creating a healthy and diverse community isn’t something any single organization or person can do on their own. Healthy community growth depends on the help of local businesses, organizations, and individual leaders.

Collaborating with one another through local partnerships is essential to supporting and encouraging economic growth here in Kosciusko County. If you aren’t sure how to get started, click here to learn about becoming a Clearly Kosciusko member.

Not sure what it means to be a member of Clearly Kosciusko? Discover more and get your questions answered here.